Our mission is to transform existing traffic signal infrastructure to facilitate intelligent transportation experiences and accelerate the development of smart cities.



There are 360,000 signalized intersections across the US that are operated by more than 15,000 city, county and state traffic agencies. A large number of signalized intersections are isolated and don't send signal phase or detector data to traffic management centers.

This data is key for proper signal timing (to reduce congestion) and for connected and autonomous vehicles. Budgetary constraints limit the ability of traffic agencies to upgrade and connect infrastructure. 

LTD has a solution...




We partner with traffic agencies, installing hardware to connect  isolated signalized intersections with traffic management centers. We also provide traffic engineers with performance measurement software to monitor and properly retime traffic signals.

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Data from signalized intersections is essential for connected and autonomous vehicle applications. Our customer verticals include mapping and navigation, OEMs, usage based insurance and fleet management.

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