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We transform existing traffic signal infrastructure into safer, fuel efficient, informative, interactive and revenue generating hubs

Universal Hardware

Plug-and-play device directly installed in the traffic signal cabinet.

Patented Software

The most powerful traffic monitoring and analysis software.


Real-Time Performance Monitoring for signalized arterial roadways.


On-line / Off-line performance measure analysis tool.


Signalized intersections account for 21% of the total road fatalities in the U.S., and involve the most deceleration and acceleration operations, making them recognized fuel wastage areas, which could be avoided or minimized by utilizing our real-time traffic signal sequence data, reducing fuel consumption to up to 15% in urban areas. Live Traffic Data LLC will help cities & drivers increase safety, safe fuel and reduce the carbon footprint.

The device is very important to us, because it takes all the data that we have in the traffic signal cabinet and turns it into useful information our traffic engineers can use to assess how their signals are doing.

Senior Traffic Engineer - at Minnesota DoT

NHTSA will [then] begin working on a regulatory proposal that would require V2V devices in new vehicles in a future year, consistent with applicable legal requirements, Executive Orders, and guidance. DOT believes that the signal this announcement sends to the market will significantly enhance development of this technology and pave the way for market penetration of V2V safety applications.

U.S. Department of Transportation - Feb 3, 2014 - at

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